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Calgary UX is home to a growing community of user experience professionals and aims to bring those professionals together on a regular basis for conversation and camaraderie.

Calgary UX was originally formed back in 2006 when two (then) local practitioners, Scott Weisbrod and Dave Robertson, decided to create a group where people in user experience could connect online. In 2008, a group of local practitioner’s (Scott Baldwin, Scott Anderson and Dave Robertson) evolved and expanded the group’s focus beyond an online community and started planning more frequent events for members to meet in person. In early 2009 Chad Fournier joined the planning committee and shortly thereafter the UX Book Club was added. Since then, the organizing committee has has several different volunteers and organizers. The current list of organizers is listed below.

Current Organizing Committee

The Calgary UX organizing committee is made up of the following volunteers who provide their time gratis to plan and organize events:

  • Chad Fournier – UX Guys
  • Meghan Armstrong – Habanero Consulting
  • Jennifer Hogan – Getty Images
  • Murray Thompson – Shaw Communications
  • Andrew Wright – nForm

Would you like to help plan events too?

As a member of the Calgary UX Organizing Committee your duties include, but aren’t limited to: meet quarterly for our planning dinner/meetings, lead the organization of at least one event per year, contribute feedback and assist others with the planning of other activities where possible, and last but certainly not least, help spread the good word about our group. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, please send us an email.



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